Contemplation Question 8

Have you ever played a practical joke on someone or been the victim of a pratical joke? Tell about your experience, making parallels between what happened to you and ehat is happening to Malvolio. If you have never been involved in a practical joke, write about one you have heard of your friend, relative, etc.,or have seen or read in a book or a movie.

The practical joke I’ve done so far are not that strong. I didn’t do much of a stuff that got people in to trouble. This is because since I was a little kid, I didn’t want to get in to too much trouble. One of my pratical joke I’ve done when I was a kid took place in Halloween. It was october 31 in the night. My friend and I went to houses trick or treating. When I trick or treated in one of the house, this fat lady came up and said to us “Go home buddy, no candies.” I still remember the look on her face. She looked greedy and had a biggest mole above the nose. My friends and I were quite hot tempered and they wanted to revenge her. ‘Because she did not give us treats, we should trick her!’ said one of my friends.  So then we kept on ping-pong dashing on her home, hid behind the car and looked at the expression on her face. In case you don’t know what ping-pong dashing is, it means that knocking on the door/pusing the ping pong button and dashing. The look on the lady’s face was so funny, we did this more than 7 times.

Shakespearean Insults

-out scab!  2.5.61

-sneck up!  2.3.80

-go shake your ears 2.3.106

-I’d beat him like a dog! 2.3.120


Contemplation Question 7

1.Do you think there is a difference in a way women love and the way men love? Explain your answer.

From the book, twelfth night, I noticed that there are difference in a way men love and women love. First, I think women chooses the men by their attitude. When Olivia sees Cesario, she falls in love from Cesario’s strong impression of words. However, most men first falls in love from the women’s looking. I assume duke Orsino fell in love with Olivia from her looks. This is because Orsino doesn’t see Olivia often and so, Orsino doesn’t know her personlaity.

Do either Viola or Orsino express views about love that are similar to your own? Or do you have a position on this question different from both of these characters? Explain.

I think Viola and Orsino does not express their feelings to who they love. This is because either, they are afraid or it’s not a good situation. However, in grade 8, people doesn’t have that much bad situation. I think their views about love is not similar to my views. I don’t like the idea of falling in love in little time. For example, Viola. Viola just sees Orsino and falls in love straight away. If I would fall in love, I would first be try to be friends and find her personality first. So I might get interest in good looking people in the future, but I’ll never fall in love straight away.

Find a line in 2.4 that you like or that strikes you in some way, and explain why you like it or why it strands you.

The quote ‘Too old by heaven! Let still the woman take An elder then herself;’ (2.4.27-28) gives a strong impression to me that Orsino thinks he knows everything about love and that Cesario is like the apprentice of Orsino. I feel quite annoyed about Orsino because he is being bossy about love even though he did not experienced it.

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